Representing The Great Wines of Portugal in Belgium Since 1917

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About Nogueira & CIE

The company was established in 1917 being essentially a company of exportation of products of European origin for the overseas markets, mainly those where the Group Nogueira & Cie was represented since its foundation in 1912.

She mainly initiated its activity with French wines. With the evolution of the producing market in Portugal, begins its importation and introduction in the Benelux region.

With the representation of the Mateus wine (we were the second agents the world-wide level), the company launched in the great distribution where we arrived to achieve an annual sale of about 1.200.000 bottles, being leader more than 20 years.

With the increase of the passion for the Portuguese wine and the recognition of its quality in Belgium, the company was equally widening its gamma, representing now 5 of the 7 greater Portuguese producers, as well as other prestigious brands, becoming in the society with more prestigious brands and with all the country regions represented.

Nogueira & Cie (Belgium) have as mission to provide to the customer the biggest pleasure possible drinking wines and other Portuguese quality products and with better relation price/quality.

The existence of a great proximity with the partners also has as mission to make known and to supply optimum product that fills the customer’s requirements and wishes.


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